Where are they now?

I don’t remember the accident. All I remember is heading home from school for lunch, running out of Horbury Junior School through a rear entrance that opened up on to Cluntergate. The next thing I remember was someone saying “he” was complaining about pain.

It took a few moments before I realised that “he” was me. The next thing I remember is waking in Pinderfields Hospital emergency with my parents there who probably explained what had happened.

I’d run out of the entrance without looking and was hit by a car. I have a vague memory that someone said I bounced over the bonnet before hitting the road, near what was then Lomas’s corner shop (where I later worked).

Thankfully I only fractured my pelvis but I still had to stay in hospital for about two weeks under the watchful eye of the doctors and nurses. The headmaster, Mr Lindley (don’t think I ever knew his first name, or the first name of any of my teachers at that time), came to visit one day and I had written a letter for him to read out at school, telling everyone I was okay.

Sadly I don’t have that letter, but what I do have and have cherished for years is a bunch of letters from my class mates at the time. They’re priceless. Here’s a snippet from one:

When you were knocked down everyone at school was worried about you. Some people thought that you were going to die, but you aren’t and I’m very glad about it.

I’ve always wondered what happened to those class mates. One I know is dead, Alistair Cooke (though he spelled his name Alastair), killed in a car accident in 1993. I actually got a second letter from Alistair as he and I were best mates at the time and shared a love of birds (the feathered kind).

So what of the rest? I’d love to know so please help me by sharing this post with anyone you know who may know the former pupils of class 3F (F for Mrs Fisher, the teacher, and I’ve included her letter. What happened to her?) from April 1975 Horbury Junior School, Northfield Lane, Horbury, West Yorkshire, UK (it’s now known as the Horbury Primary Academy). You can contact me here.

So here are the letters, in their original form and transcribed as best I can with help from Google docs. Any errors are my fault.

Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor's original letter

Alistair Cooke (both letters)

Alistair Cook's original school letter

Alistair Cooke's personal letter

Anne Booth

Anne Booth's original letter

Beverley Prett

Beverley Prett's original letter

David Holmes

David Holmes' original letter

Dawn Rowley

Dawn Rowley's original letter

Diane Thomas

Diane Thomas original letter

Gillian Perkins

Gillian Perkins' original letter

Jane Moss

Jane Moss's original letter

Jill Rowley

Jill Rowley's original letter

Julia Ramm

Julia Ramm's original letter

K Bray

K Bray's original letter

Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor's original letter

Mark Preston

Mark Preston's original letter

Michael Brunt

Michael Brunt's original letter

Nigel Thomson

Nigel Thompson's original letter

S Willcox

S Willcox's original letter

Sharron Hall

Sharon Hall's original letter

Simon Rutter

Simon Rutter's original letter

Susan Davies

Susan Davies's original letter

Mrs Fisher

My lasting legacy is the barrier fence that was erected to stop me and others from running straight out onto the road, though I’m told that entrance is now restricted.

The barrier at the entrance put up to stop people running out onto the road.

Maybe there should be a plaque with my name on it, put on the barrier to remind people why it’s there 🙂